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Advisory involves assigning approximately 20 -25 students to each teacher advisor. The teacher devotes time to developmental guidance activities, during which students can explore their personal interests, goals, and concerns with a supportive group of peers. A curriculum supports grade-level interests, designed to assist our students develop mentally and socially during the high school years. Teachers also assist the students in keeping track of academic progress throughout the trimester. Advisory groups are important to our school because, a trusted high school teacher is often the student’s first choice as someone to turn to in time of need. Please remember this is an “advisory program.”


In a needs assessment at Blackfoot High School, students asked for time to work on homework and time to get help from teachers. Collaboration Time is devoted to allow students to use their time to work with teachers and other students to make progress in classes. Also, this scheduled time will enhance the high school experience to develop and promote participation in campus-life activities, i.e. Clubs/Organizations, Intramural, etc., to better serve our students during the high school years.


Advisory Classes meet every Tuesday for 25 minutes minutes. Attendance is mandatory and a letter grade is assigned to student performance and participation. Wednesday through Friday throughout the school year, Collaboration Time replaces Advisory to facilitate the Make-up Policy, Intervention/Remediation opportunities, and campus activities to ensure all students remain on track for graduation and/or promote BHS School Spirit within the student body.

9th Grade Advisory Topics
  • Time Management

  • Goal Setting

  • Art of Learning

  • Test Taking Strategies

  • Conflict Resolution

  • And More.....

10th Grade Advisory Topics
  • Study Skills

  • Critical Thinking

  • Improving Communication with Parents

  • Ethical Decisions Making in School

  • Improving Organizational Skills

  • And More.....

11th Grade Adviosry Topics
  • Time Management

  • Post Secondary Plans

  • Resume Writing

  • Finacial Aid

  • ACT/SAT Prep

  • And More.....

12th Grade Advisory Topics


  • Graduation Requirements

  • Senior Project

  • Post Secondary Plans

  • Stress Management

  • Goal Reflections

  • And More.....

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