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Blackfoot High School Broncos Unveils New Mascot Statue

 Blackfoot Rotary club unveiled a ten foot high rearing Bronco mascot statue as part of its 2013 service project during a festive noon time assembly, complete with students, band, and cheerleaders.


"It's really nice to have the community come out and support us, because we try so hard to get them involved and so when they donate something like this, it means a lot and it increases our spirit and pride in our school," said student body president, O'shann Williams.


The Bronco statue was presented to Blackfoot High School Principal John Pearce during the unveiling ceremony.


“It shows great pride that our community has in our school.  It really shows the dedication of the people, the community, the businesses,  and their contribution is very much appreciated," said Blackfoot High School Principal, John Pearce.


"I think it's a good thing, I mean we have a lot of school pride and there is not a lot of ways to show it and I think the statue is a good way to show it," said, Blackfoot High School student, Samuel Nielsen.


"Everyone has been talking about it and if you have not heard about it then you definitely heard about it as soon as school started," said, Blackfoot High School student, Austin Williams.


Caden Preece, a Blackfoot Bronco Student got a little sneak peek of the statue before it was shown to the public.


"Me and my dad went and picked it up from Colorado, so I knew about it a little bit earlier than a lot of people and the kids at the school, so I loved it, I loved picking it up and it was so cool," said, Blackfoot High School student, Caden Preece.


Not only is the new Bronco statue a symbol for Blackfoot high, but it is near and dear to the communities heart.


" I have always had a lot of school spirit and I just really felt as I worked on this project a lot of excitement and enthusiasm for being able to give back to the school in this way," said, Blackfoot Rotary Club President, David Cannon.


Alice Cannon grew up in Blackfoot and graduated from Blackfoot High School in 1954 and was there to see the Bronco debut.


"Oh I think it's wonderful, just very cool, very proud of it," said, long time resident, Alice Cannon.


Story taken from KPVI News Channel 6 - Website. You can find the original story at this link:

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