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Welcome to Blackfoot High School!


"The Higher You Climb,

the Better the View!"

We Believe: BHS Faculty and Staff believe our students are our community’s greatest resource. Every student has a valued set of abilities and skills that require development to reach their full potential. BHS Faculty and Staff are committed to each student’s success.


Our Mission: Partnering with parents and community leaders, our mission is to identify in each student areas of improvement to foster deeper learning and areas of strengths to build confidence that prepares them for a career and college-ready future.

Our Goals: To meet our students’ needs, BHS Faculty and Staff will develop greater leadership skills, use student-learning data to identify successes and areas of improvement, and reach out to our parents and community leaders to add strength to our educational programming for our students. 

Important Information

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The BHS Activity Button. This gives you a monthly calendar of activites for your students. If you have any questions, please contact the school.

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Blackfoot High School

870 S. Fisher Avenue

Blackfoot, Idaho


(208) 785-8810

Fax: (208) 785-2329

A Big Thank You goes out to

Brittney Loosli Photography and Mrs. Gallegos's and her yearbook and journalism classes for the Awesome Pictures!


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Catch up and learn about all the happenings at Blackfoot High School.

Go Broncos!


Check out our link to the BHS Bronco Band. Great things are happening and they are dying to share it with you.

Make sure you turn your sound up!!

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